collidEdance under the guidance of founder and artistic director, Erica Sobol, is an ever-evolving professional dance company dedicated to blurring the line between dance and theater.  The company’s Brooklyn, NY debut in 2004 received rave reviews and enjoyed five straight sold out performances.  collidEdance has been based in Los Angeles and thriving since 2008.  In 2014, collidEdance presented it’s latest original work “runaway!” in Los Angeles to packed houses!  collidEdance continues to make and perform groundbreaking dance, inspiring audiences worldwide.

Erica is on faculty at EDGE Performing Arts Center and Movement Lifestyle Studio in Hollywood, California.  She is also a faculty member at Intrigue Dance Intensive and a Guest Teacher with The Pulse.

join our gypsy caravan…dance with us…


Intrigue Dallas —– November 1 – 2
Pulse Chicago —– November 22 – 23


Pulse Las Vegas —– December 13 – 14

March 2015

Pulse Atlant — March 14 – 15

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